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Digital Creative Assembly

IT Solutions
for Your Industry


Our people have experience in Library business for more than 10 years, providing hardware, software, custom library application with International and National Standard, solutions, system integration, consulting, etc including but not limited to :

servers, computers, laptops, printers, networking equipments, RFID peripherals including RFID Gate, RFID Pad, RFID Self loan kiosk, RFID self return book drop, RFID smart surface, RFID tags for books, dvd, and microfilm, Integrated Library System using INDOMARC standard, printing management software for patrons, virtual membership card, dual transponder card for membership card.


Our people have experience in government sectors for more than 15 years, providing hardware, software, network security appliance, custom application including but not limited to:

attendance system integrated with HR system that comply with Government remuneration system, applying biometric and geo-tagging system on the attendance application, online system for managing imported goods for oil and gas companies working with the government, sociometric application.

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